Beginning with the renovation of Orr Park in 2017, we have dreamed of putting a mural on the wall behind the pocket park. At the spring renewal event, artists were invited to come, consult, and submit ideas for the wall. Local artists Janette Marvin and Anne Lane were chosen to create a greenspace scene that picks up on the themes of parks and trails. The project is fluid and changing as the work has begun and sparks new ideas. Funding for this project was jumpstarted in the spring by a $1000 grant from Laurens Electric Cooperative and supplemented by a $250 grant from Rotary Club of Clinton.

A fundraiser was held at Jitters on Tuesday, August 13 to raise the remaining funds to complete the mural. It was a success!

Martha Dendy Park

In the spring of 2019, TD Bank announced the recipients of this year's TD Green Space awards. Clinton is one of ten US cities to receive a $20,000 grant. Clinton Canopy has partnered with the city to implement the grant. We are developing a plan for tree plantings and traditional landscaping around three signage areas. Most of the work will be done in the fall, culminating with an Arbor Day celebration on the first Friday of November.

Alley Ways

In 2019, Clinton Canopy began a project to landscape the downtown alleyways through the donation of plants from citizens living in and around Clinton. During Rhythm on the Rails, the first half of the alley between Musgrove Street and Broad Street was planted. We plan to continue the project and add to the collection as time and resources allow. Funding for this project was provided by a Community Assistance Grant from the City of Clinton. Come see what we have done together.